Back At It

It's crazy to think that at this time 6 years ago I was getting ready to start my new job as a nurse at Enloe and am going through the whole process again. I had no idea what would happen in those 6 years.

This week was my first week at orientation and it was a doozy. I'm not used to sitting in lectures for 6-8 hours a day. I was exhausted by the end of everyday this week. By Wednesday I was feeling so much mom guilt. I have never been away from my kids this much and although they were either being cared for by their loving grandparents or dad, I could tell it has been hard on them too. But I think it was harder on me. Next week is going to be another crazy week but I just have to get through it and then my schedule will be more normal. I am so thankful for my parents for being willing to watch my kids so much and also so thankful that Sean has enough pto saved up to help get us through these couple of weeks.

I will start patient care soon...I am nervous I won't remember h…

Something that makes me mad.

I hate it when Christians hide behind "religious freedom" to spread hate. I was reading about the new law Arizona passed that would enable Business owners to be able to with hold their services from certain individuals in order to "protect themselves from a lifestyle they oppose". Quote taken from this article, 
What the hell?!?! I think the general public needs to be protected from Christians who use Jesus's name to spew hatred. If they truly wanted to represent Jesus they would not only serve the people, but they would invite them into their home (gasp) for a meal. If they wanted to go even deeper in obedience to Jesus and what he stood for they would make friends with the gay person...even invite them to their children's birthday party. 
I would be a whole lot happier if those people would just admit thy maybe they ar…

Butternut squash curry (paleo)

This is probably must favorite way ever to make curry. It is so tasty and pretty simple. 
Ok so gather your cast of characters. 
Protein- i used 1.5 lbs of chicken chopped. But you can use whatever you want!! Or no meat at all if you want to be vegan :)
Veggies- I used a head of broccoli (stem included) and asparagus cut into bite sized pieces. I also used 1 diced shallot. Once again you can use whatever veggies you want. Zucchini, mushrooms, bell pepper...whatever you have (in my opinion...some people like to stay authentic but I use whatever is in my veggie drawer!!). And you will need half a butternut squash cut up into medium sized chunks. These will be boiled and purred for the sauce, so the size really doesn't matter. 
Spices- curry powder,cardamom, garlic powder and salt. 
You also need coconut milk and coconut oil. I have no idea what category that fits into. Get the full fat kind. It's the best :)  
Ok, so fill a pot with water and add butternut squash and let that boil til…

Recipe for paleoish frittata.

I told someone on Instagram that I would post this recipe. I need to actually do it before I forget. I get nervous when I post recipes because most of the time I just throw a bunch of stuff together and sometimes it turns out amazing. I get scared that someone will try to make if and it will be super gross or something and I will feel bad that they invested their time and ingredients. I will try my hardest to describe accurately what I did. 

What you need 
-chopped chicken sausage (I like aidells brand) about 3 I think.  -1 sweet potato chopped into small pieces -1 leek, chopped -1 head of broccoli cut I to small florets -7ish eggs -coconut oil -salt, chili powder, and cumin.  The first thing I did was brown some chopped chicken sausage in some coconut oil in an oven safe pan.  Remove sausage from pan then add 1 whole sweet potatoe (cut up into little pieces). Add a pinch of salt and a little more oil and cook that stirring frequently for a couple minutes, add one cut up leek and 1 cut up head…


2013 has been...amazing. To say the least. I decided dona year In review for the 3 of us. Unfortunately I only have pics from the last couple of months on this phone and I dont have a computer at the moment, so pics will be limited. 
We rang in the last new year with our dear friends. I distinctly remember that night was the first night little 1 1/2 month old Eloise slept a 4 hour stretch. I wish she would sleep a 4 hour stretch these days!! Eloise went on to learn how to roll over, crawl, walk and say a few words. She started eating solids around April and quickly showed me that she was an independent woman who would only feed herself. I gave her finger foods almost immediately. Now she sits in a booster seat at the table and eats with a fork. She went on her first plane rides in August when we visited friends and family in TN and ND. She did great. She started using a pacifier around that time also and it was amazing. She starting sleeping long stretches and even through the night so…

New Years Resolutions

I need to be a better person. I have always had a bad habit of being really obnoxious, loud and overly sarcastic when in social situations. I often don't realize it till everyone has gone home, that maybe I joked around a bit to much. Maybe I embarrassed someone by making them the but if my joke, or maybe I just went to far with coarse humor. I know that part of that is just who I am and that is fine. Sarcasm is a wonderful tool when not overly used. I also have felt a conviction to try and be a better person/friend. 
I have always been the class clown. I was the one who would humiliate myself just to make everyone around me laugh. For some reason when there is a lull in a conversation, I feel like I need to fill it up with some funny story or joke. A lot of times it is funny...but a lot of times it is awkward...and unnecessary. 
I think part of this issue is the fact that I live a pretty isolated life these days. Don't get me wrong . I am so grateful to God and my husband for t…

Thankful list 2013

I am thankful that Jesus Christ was such a revolutionary and that his character is so much more gracious and loving then a lot of his followers make him out to be. 
I am thankful for a healthy baby girl 

I am thankful that Sean had such a great job that enables me to stay home with our baby. 

I am also thankful that if I had to I could easily get a job and support our family with my RN license.
I am thankful for a comfortable home, although it may seem a bit small at times, its the home we were able to afford. 
I am thankful to live in Chico where I have access to amazing local,organic and healthy food. I don't have to look far for grass fed meat or pasture raised eggs and my csa is amazing. 
I am thankful that I have access to unlimited free babysitting from grandmas, we may not always live in the same town as our moms but for now it is a good thing we do :) 

I am thankful for best friends, even if they move away from you right when you need them the most (Natalie!!!). If I went from Ch…